Versioning of ofn_deployment

Just putting this here to gather wider feedback. Is ofn_deployment being used by quite a number of people now? Would it be important and/or beneficial to create versions and release notes similar to openfoodnetwork?

cc @RohanM @maikel @MikeiLL anyone else?

We use it only to provision servers. We don’t use the backup, rollback or deploy features. We deploy via the installed post-receive hook.

Yes and thats true for UK now mostly. Am wondering, what is the recommended way for an install to do deploys? What if they cannot use Buildkite? Does the provisioning script currently set everything up so that can be used?


The provision playbook installs a Git post-receive hook on the server.

That hook does the deploy when you push to that repository.

Our Buildkite setup is doing the following:


  • load staging baseline data into the db
  • git push a commit to the staging server


  • save the staging baseline data on the staging server
  • push commit to the master branch
  • push commit to the production server

But the UK setup is not pushing to the master branch. And if you don’t want to change the staging baseline, you can just push from your command line. There is no need for Buildkite. It is just handy to have a GUI to stage and deploy so that non-techies can do that as well.

I thought of a simple web interface that could do the same so that we don’t have to pay Buildkite. But there is no need for the Australian team at the moment.

Here in France, we have used ofn_deployment for initial installs on staging and production and for the upgrade of staging from 1.2.1 to 1.3.1.

There is some tweaks to do, here and there, but the method is simple and convinient.

I think, we should have a standard common way to deploy and upgrade. I guess that most of the instance owners will not have to much time to manage an in-depth knowledge of the full stack and intrinsics of the solution and would like to have a simple and safe way to upgrade on a regular basis.

Here in the US we’re a hopefully few weeks away from emerging from a bit of a standstill so will know more then. I haven’t really done any deploying beyond whatever version of OFN I had originally downloaded. As well, am only deploying to staging (and a local development instance that still had some unresolved issues with URLs last time I looked). Was looking at using git-deploy based on either @maikel or @marito59’s recommendation. Command line deploy is what I would lean towards as opposed to GUI.