Using the Open Food Network as an Enterprise or a Super Admin

If you are looking to set up and run your own local OFN, this category is the place to find any information, advice, or to ask questions about setting up and administering an instance.

Need help setting up an instance? Want to know how to change the colour palette? This category is where you will find the information you need to do this, and where you can ask questions when you can’t find the answer you need.

Within this category there are two sub-sections:

As an Enterprise

This sub-category is for Enterprises using OFN as part of their business.

As a Super Admin

This sub-category is for those who require access to the administration section to configure the instance.

Also, don’t forget the super-admin guide that will tell you everything you need to know on how to setup a local OFN instance ! It is capturing all inputs from previous discussions and experience of super admins of OFN platforms all over the world. Also, checkout the OFN handbook to understand how the OFN community works and cooperate!