USA Planning

but how did they get there @maikel - is there seed data or something? Given that we don’t have an easy way to delete enterprises, getting rid of them will require making them invisible but they will still clutter up admin, or ‘re-doing them’ into other enterprises in the admin interface … not ideal. I am not sure if this is something automatic that creates a problem for every new instance?

How did the server get set up? Our ofn-install project doesn’t create seed data. But the readme file of the OFN project mentions rake openfoodnetwork:dev:load_sample_data to create some enterprises in your development environment. Maybe we should delete the database and just do the initial seed with countries and states which doesn’t include enterprises.

ok thanks - I think the need for seed data in dev has been discussed elsewhere, perhaps we just need a warning to NOT do this in your production environment?

ok, so the delightful @maikel has just confirmed that the problems I am having redirecting the domains are because the server isn’t quite set up right - basically because OFN is not on the default web portal (80), which means it’s not a valid ip address for redirects. @jveilleux could you pass this comment below to your guy [or ping him here . .] - if he needs more help / support the ‘deployment’ slack channel is best spot to go. send me his email if he needs to be added

"If you point a domain like to the IP, then you can access the current version at, but to omit the 3000, it has to be on the default port of 80. But even then, it can’t be a production site with payments. To be secure, it needs https instead of http. And that is on another port again. Anyway, the proper server setup has to configure a web server (nginx) to serve the OFN application via https. Then we can use

USA Content Update:

re: other ‘content’ a lot of the content that used to be coded in html in the config section including the business model is now managed in transifex if I recall correctly. Does the US instance have its own english version that is different than the AUS/UK/Canadian versions? @Kirsten @NickWeir @tschumilas

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there are some comments here that might be helpful in tracking down the email problem . . Mail server configuration

@CynthiaReynolds, I don’t know who is following that email! @Kirsten I am still willing to be a contact person though the summer is running out, which is the time I was supposedly going to have more time to contribute. I’m not sure I’m the best person but if I’m the person we’ve got, I’ll try to get it together. @MyriamBoure and @NickWeir and I should have a conversation about this unless there’s a resource on being the point/community connector I could read up on…

Overall, this is exciting progress y’all! Having the email set up might be nice but a few admins to approve people should get us moving.

Welcome to the madness, @KatTheFarmer and @shelby! I’m really excited to have you in the conversation!

@eric, it has just been set up, now we just need someone to be responsible for monitoring it :wink: I imagine that having more than one person might help, and potentially having an auto-response (something like this ) so that people get some feedback before a personalised response gets around to being sent.
Logging first contacts on the Global contact spreadsheet is a good way to make sure that duplicate emails are avoided.

@CynthiaReynolds is it possible for me to get connected with Slack as well?

@shelby I have sent you an invite by email, join the #united states channel :slight_smile:

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This is just an idea, but if there are several new users (ie farms, food hubs, food delivery programs, other kinds of food aggregators, shops…) that are thinking of starting on the US OFN platform once the technical bits are all sorted, I’d be interested in co-hosting a North America hangout to walk through an introduction to onboarding and getting started. I have several new food hubs here in Canada and they are interested in this process too. It could be efficient to do an onboariding hangout or skype call. The catch is that, for me, it would have to wait until after Sept 8. But my experience is that it is a really good thing for a ‘user’ (hub, delivery program, farm… ) to play around on their own first anyway so they have some basic ideas and questions.


@tschumilas I think it is a great idea. I will gladly help assuming we find a suitable date/time

@tschumilas Yes I am happy to be in on that call too if that would be useful - you might not need my input.

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@KatTheFarmer i followed up your Wallace Centre suggestion here. No reply yet. May be better if someone in the USA contacted Jeff Farbman at

From: Nick Weir []
Sent: 21 August 2017 09:33
To: Farbman, Jeff
Cc: Cynthia Reynolds (cynth
*.com); Theresa Schumilas (tsch*********
Subject: Open Food Network USA

Hi Jeff

I enjoyed speaking to you several years ago about food hubs and the international roll out of the Open Food Network.

I am very pleased to be able to tell you that there is now a public instance of OFN in the early stages of set up. Link here. We are looking for a public body which could take over the hosting of this instance and wondered if the Wallace Centre might be interested or know of any other potential organisations?

We would welcome your involvement in the discussion around OFN USA here

Thanks for considering this

Best wishes

Nick Weir
Open Food Network UK
01453 840037

Supporting producers and communities to organise for Food Sovereignty
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HI all,
Hoping to set up a store on the USA page.
It has somehow blocked me out, saying that i have too many profiles. How Do I work around this?
Feeling more frustrated every day with our current sales platform and motivated to make the switch. Let me know what I can do to kickstart this. Ready to load my items into the store. :wink:


Hi @KatTheFarmer great to see you here ! Today when you register by default you can only create one entreprise, so an admin needs to rise this threshold. I guess @CynthiaReynolds you have access to do it ?

@ecocity i’m pretty interested by your prototype, and for sur @klinked will also be :slight_smile: In order not to pollute that discussion I suggest that we move to Towards a microservice architecture? or Data Food Consortium: making food platforms interoperable on that specific topic. I don’t understand the tech part of it but will be happy to understand better your approach as I also believe in it for the future…

have fixed this for you Kat - you can now create up to 100 :slight_smile:

have you received an email enabling you to confirm your email for the first enterprise you created though? If not, I think there are still some problems with the setup and I would tend to advise against creating too many products in case data gets lost in the process of getting everything working properly.

I have just emailed @jveilleux to check on whether they are going to fix things or to get access to try and get someone else to do so.

Sorry for the delay - I’ll be as happy as anyone when there is finally a USA OFN up and running!!


My apologies folks. I didn’t see anything to remind me to check this thread.

Anyway - I’ve asked Rahul Nagare, my network admin - to make the changes requested. I don’t think it will take very long.

Feel free to email me any time if I am being unresponsive. I’m at And also on skype as jveilleux (Charlotte or Asheville, NC, not sure which).

Cynthia - my network guy is Rahul Nagare -

I remember we had an issue with the email server as well. Not sure how that got straightened out. I’ll alert him, but feel free to email him. I’m the only one in my company that checks the discourse site and I’m pretty sporadic at it.


OK -

I’ve just gone through this thread and see two issues for my team to address. Can you confirm:

  1. email setup

  2. Ports per quote below.

anything else?

Here’s the email I sent to my network manager:

Rahul -

I’ve gone through the thread a bit and can you look at these specific issues:

Email: How did we fix before? Do we need to get Ravi involved?

Post assignment: see quote below.

"If you point a domain like to the IP, then you can access the current version at, but to omit the 3000, it has to be on the default port of 80. But even then, it can’t be a production site with payments. To be secure, it needs https instead of http. And that is on another port again. Anyway, the proper server setup has to configure a web server (nginx) to serve the OFN application via https. Then we can use