Testing notes - enterprise and E2E link creation

Created first Producer - all ok

Created second Producer:

  • once I have >1 Enterprise, I can no longer change Type
  • **should we enable none/own/any control for User > 1? [ do we want Group managers for example to be able to do this ]
  • CORRECT: no E2E link created between Producers

Contact emails:

  • CORRECT: when I put contact email as user name, do NOT get email confirmation request
  • INCORRECT: when I put contact email that is already known in the system, should NOT get email confirmation
  • however, it only does this once, so perhaps it is Correct, so that email owner is aware that someone else is creating Enterprises with them as contact?
  • **when I put conf email for new enterprise, should make that user a manager of that enterprise?

Creating Hubs:

  • When User already has 1 Hub, others are created as activated Hubs automatically
  • **E2E links: no link created between existing Producers and new Hub
  • ** If >1 Hub, new Producer should be linked to all of them

Enterprise limit:

  • CORRECT: respected from both front and back