Square Integration [DRAFT]

What is the need / problem ?

Square is an integrated payment solution used by a lot of farmers at farmers markets and elsewhere. We are having increasing number of requests to integrate

Who does it impact ?

Farms / Shops using OFN who have orders from their other sales channels going through and being paid in Square. To take credit card payments on Open Food Network

What is the current impact of the problem ?

  1. Currently, using OFN means they take credit card payments in Stripe or Paypal, and have to move information either into Square or to 3rd party accounting to reconcile / get correct sales figures etc

  • send OFN orders to Square so Square can be used as POS system and people can pay for them using various methods when they collect

  • sync inventory items, stock, prices etc?

What is the benefit of focusing on this ?

Potential solutions that will solve the problem ?

  1. Create Square as a payment method to take credit card payments within Open Food Network
  • when sending payment information to Square also send line items so orders can actually be managed from Square

Selection of a feature candidate

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Feature owners

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I know we have had a lot of issues with Paypal being down and cutsomers not able to pay at the time they are placing there order and have had to add a pay by card at time of pick up option. Which we use square. If there was a more dependable system, or if we could integrate square so that each week we are not having so many issues with paypal just not working that would be great and take one more step out of the process.

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Alot of USA vendors use Square. We do at our farm. We would love to see this integrated into OFN payment system. :slight_smile: