Reports - fixes for OC-permissions

Couple of issues with the reports that are not working correctly with the new P-OC. These are:

As Enterprise that has granted P-OC to other Enterprises

  • Orders & Fulfilment Reports: should be able to Select Distributors that any of my Enterprises have given P-OC to
  • Orders & Fulfilment - Customer Totals: identifying Customer information should be restricted if they have ordered through Hubs that my Producer/s have given P-OC
  • Orders & Fulfilment - Customer Totals: should include line items from producers and hubs that have given me (as mgr of Coord) P-OC - currently missing items that are produced by and distributed through same enterprise (farm foodstore) that has given me P-OC

Notes to self: test data and cases in 150209 Reports and Permissions

I reckon this is good to go. We’re doing some double checking on reports as we push into production and will be in v0.9.0. Please everyone keep an eye out for any thing strange creeping into reports!