Reasonable Public Attribution of OFN for Associated White-Label Services

Continuing the discussion from White-label OFN Service Providers working with OFN Community:

In the Pledge I have added the loose wording “In addition to licensing requirements, Associates providing a white-label OFN service are expected to ensure a reasonable public attribution of the contribution of the Open Food Network Commons.”

This post can then be used to discuss / agree what a reasonable public attribution is. If / when clarity emerges we can update the Pledge

e.g. should Associates clearly state/link on their websites something like?
“Powered by Open Food Network”
“Associated with the Open Food Network”
“Associated Member of the Open Food Network”

Where would this be placed, does it matter?
Should there be a link to somewhere in particular that explains what an Associate is?

link to pledge

I’m trying to imagine a situation where an Associate would not do this. They are after all an ‘associate’ (versus an ‘un-affiliated’ white labelled version) because of the benefits the OFN community offers and vice versa. So for me, part of being an Associate and working with the community is being transparent about that. But, I’d like to hear from others because maybe I’m just missing nuance here.