Question on Multiple product filter selection

We were trying to understand a few features, and came across this scenario in the shopfront.

When we navigate initially by clicking the shops button, and when we select multiple product categories from the filter dropdown, all the possible hubs/shops which had any of the highlighted product category from the filter were shown.

In the OFN environment, we restrict users to finish the transaction completely in one hub itself, and not carry over, due to various other reasons which are valid.

From an User perspective, if he selects multiple filters, and randomly visits the hubs, he may end up doing multiple transactions to cover all product categories even though when there would have been a chance of him availing all the highlighted product categories in one hub itself.

We were thinking of ways, in which the users effort can be reduced.

One soln. we can think of is, arranging the hub/shops in decending order based on the intersection of product categories in the corresponding hubs, i.e show the hub which has the maximum highlighted product categories first, and so on.

Do let us know your thoughts on this.

interesting question that I’ve wondered about too. I asked myself - if I can buy beets in 4 places, what makes me choose one place over the other? Certainly one criteria is the ‘one stop shopping’ principle you raise - where can I get MOST of the items I want? But - for me other principles are more important - which of the beets are organic or from small scaled farmers who value agroecology? So maybe one of these quality filters is more important? I’d argue that if anything, when multiple hubs/shops with the same product(s) turn up in the initial filtering, we offer the potential to narrow that list down by additional criteria that people can choose – organic/not organic (or other quality criteria), proximty (who is closest to me?), one stop shopping criteria, …

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Totally Agree @tschumilas.
I think so if we give more weightage to one stop shopping, small farmers or artisan shops would be at risk of poor footfall.
So further narrowing down criteria sounds nice.