QA / Manual test process

What I would love:

  • having an ordered and coded (numbers/letters) list of things to test (test cases) in a fixed place, like a wiki somewhere
  • while testing a branch open a discourse thread and put in two separated lists OK items :green_apple: and broken ones :apple: (something like this thread but one for tester IMHO)
  • while investigating each broken spec open a GitHub Issue and link it in the orginal list
  • open a Pull Request linked to the Issue if needed to fix the problem

I know it’s a bit complicated, but in this way we’ll have an overlook on how broken the branch is and keep the discussion focused on each broken thing.

What do you think? Please feel free to put this post in a category, I couldn’t find one about internal processes at international level.

I think this is great. The two things we probably then need to do (maybe) to make this work are:

  • make sure that whoever sets up the giant lists makes them wiki pages so that other testers can edit? Or create a separate thread for ‘Step 6 - working’ and ‘Step 6 - not working’ so that people can easily add other things as comments, reply to add github issue etc . .
  • I tend to disagree about one for each tester, as much more likely to get duplication. Would be better for each tester to reply to the thread . . they can still edit their posts and add/remove things … will be heaps easier if we can just scroll through all the things in one place. And for incoming tester to very quickly see what has already been tested without having to look multiple places
  • I find using Zenhub boards with milestones so much easier for keeping track of the zillion issues, and being able to see and close off the milestone. Is it ok for you to use milestone instead of lable e.g. when GH issues are created, could you put them into the new milestone I have created called Spree Upgrade - Step 6?

could also be useful to actually number the big list of problems, and start the GH issue title with that number, then we can use the github milestone to manage what is finished and not and easily match with the list

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Yep, I agree. With the wiki post we can keep everything in one place, well two places… :green_apple: and :apple:

OK on using the milestone too :thumbsup:

great. so is there any need for someone to go through and split out (probably the Y’s) into a separate thread from here (Spree Testing June 2017)? or we just do that from next time @enricostn @sstead @Oliver?

We can start from the following thread and talk with @sstead.

Maybe we can start working on some basic test cases, even 5 of them but well described step by step.

Interesting but very outdated thread about testing the spree upgrade. Archiving.