Properties of Enterprises and Product / Variants (e.g. Organic Certified)

As Super-Admin

  • I can set the property types available on my instance. These become the labels that enterprise users can choose from

As a Customer

  • I can see and filter according to properties that are important to me e.g. Free Range
  • I can see more information about the Product’s properties in the product modal on Shopfront
  • I can see information about the Producer’s properties in its modal and fat view

As a Producer

  • I can explain my production practices (with flexibility), but within limits set by site Super-Admin
  • I choose from drop-down of available properties (listed by their ‘Presentation’ text) and can input text / description for my specific case
  • A Producer’s properties are automatically applied to all products (so I don’t have to re-create for each)
  • I can disable property inheritance for a Product (e.g. I’m a certified organic vegetable producer, but my eggs are not covered)
  • I can do this from Bulk Product Edit (show column ‘inherit properties’) or via the individual product edit / product properties tab
  • I can add additional or override properties to just this product (not all others from this producer e.g. these eggs are free range) (only available from with edit product / product properties)


Just wanted to throw a vote in for this topic - its one of the main requests by staff that customers can search/filter by property. That screen shot is great - is there any ETA for this? :wink:

We also have a number of producers who may require more than one property (e.g. property is specific to product, rather than producer) - will this be possible?

@lisahill, this should be coming through in the next couple of weeks. We have finished our first go at implementing the screen shot you can see here, and we’ve just got a bit of work to finish on management of properties in the admin section and then we’ll push it all through.

Producers can have multiple properties, and yes, it will be possible to add multiple properties to individual products.

Implementation as described above is coming into aus staging tomorrow, and hopefully to production shortly after that. Will be in release v0.8.1

Hi there!
I have several issues with the products properties:

This is not so practical, because you can easily “forget” to open again a product you have created and say you don’t want the product to inherit the properties of the producer. By default that would be more logical to say that it doesn’t inherit, but you can choose which properties of the hub you want your products to inherit. I have a case when the producer have properties “Grass fed animals” and “Organic”, and he produces both meat and vegetables, and the vegetables were “grass-fed”… it would be safer not to inherit by default, better not to have a property than have crazy properties… :wink:

Also, another point which is more annoying. When you are logged in with an admin account, and you select the properties of a product, you don’t have the list to choose in, but you have to start typing.

As you can see on the image, I am proposed two “organic” properties… there shouldn’t be two. If I keep on typing I can create a new property, which will be added to the property list. That would be great, even with an admin count, not to be able to add a product property in the product page, but only in the product properties page. It is pretty dangerous, and we see we already have polluted the property list. Ok we know now that we should use another account with only users rights to do those kind of stuff, but now it’s done, and this second “organic” property has been used for some products and I don’t see any way to identify the products to change the property in order to be able to delete the second organic property (I see the grumpy cat, so I guess that is because it’s used).

Any idea @openfoodnetwork? How can I delete a property which is used by some producers or products?Or at least identify the products to be able to disconnect them from that property to be able to delete it afterward?

Ping @CynthiaReynolds @Olivier and @sigmundpetersen for info.

Hi @myriam

Could you poss. add these suggestions to the Properties - wishlist page (
Properties (e.g. certified organic) - wishlist)
as that’s where desired new things are being collected :slight_smile:

re. removing your duplicate property from products - hmmmm - I suspect this
is one where I’d ask one of the guys to pull a list from the database for
me. Assuming that’s not an option, it’s a bit onerous (depending on how
many products poss. have had this happen) but I suspect you could create a
giant order cycle and then use the filters in the shop to identify them?
This might be workable if there are only a few possible producers since the

Perhaps also if you could put a note in the super-admin user guide to be
careful of this for now?

Ok, thank you :slight_smile: I did what you said on the wishlist and on the super-admin set up page. Will try the giant order cycle :wink:
I didn’t put the “not herit properties by default” in the wishlist as I guess it should be discussed… I would like to make sure we share this opinio, as I think it can be discussed :slight_smile: