Product curation meeting note #30 - January 25th 2021

Current view of roadmap

Finished since last meeting


In play

  1. KPIs: split in Metabase (@Jana + @sauloperez) and Matomo
    • Metabase Automation is setup for France & Australia -> weekly E-Mail providing KPIs
    • Syncing issue solved -> @Matt-Yorkley to have a look into what causes the issues (and likely to prevent to happen or fix easier)
  • Metabase has been UK set up :sparkles:
  • Matomo: for data on visits & behaviour automated test E-Mail Reports are set up for admin & shopper, feedback needed if useful for instances
  • for each new Epic issue, we (try to) implement Matomo tracking. Starting with UI Uplift (Mario provided a list of metrics to be tracked)
  1. Stripe SCA compliance - Subscriptions (@lin_d_hop + @apb ) One last thing is still in dev: subscriptions handling of SCA, hopefully done by next release

  2. Refactoring Adjustments ( @Matt-Yorkley ) #6402 - Paypal PR deployed, another PR in Code Review (deleting old cards), one more in Dev. Slowly moving along!

  3. Harmonizing customer balances ( @sauloperez ) - Customer Balances in Front Office are test ready. Goal is to start this week on reports, @Rachel is going to be product support on this

Next Up

Ready To Go

Platform T&Cs for Shoppers - two tiny epics 1 (@lin_d_hop + @sauloperez )

Consumer price comparison / Unit price (@Jana + @Erioldoesdesign + @sauloperez ) -
Clarification on one issue raised by @Matt-Yorkley is needed.

In Inception / In Design

  • Catalogue of issues in admin backend - google slides
  • Suggested next steps (moved from last time, as there were other things in the design pipe with higher priority)
    • @Rachel to go through and identify which issues are actually introduced by this PR to reduce workload for @Erioldoesdesign
  • Split Checkout page, Discourse Post here, Inception Pipe Issue here
  • @Matt-Yorkley’s summarized technical requirements in a discourse post. A product & design decision needs to be made. Then @Erioldoesdesign will start to work on designs next week. @Jana to support from product.

Ready for Inception



Prioritization Issue:
How did it happen that we have people blocked not enough issues for frontend?

  • First time that we have someone specialized of frontend
  • Design a bottleneck? What can be done make it smoother?
  • Better communication between product, design & devs
  • Be aware of design capacities when allocating news tasks

Reprioritisation: Shall we block UI Uplift until Admin Width Layout and Split Checkout are done?
Decision: As Admin Width PR (Explore Backoffice UI Uplift alongside Full-Width Layout #24 does not necessarily require design resources at the moment (Rachel jumping in), @Erioldoesdesign is planning to finish design work on Network - Product List UI Uplift this week and start on Adjustments - Splitting Checkout next week

OFN Styleguide

NEXT MEETING: @Rachel to facilitate

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@Jana I assume you meant @Matt-Yorkley can check this out above. :slight_smile:

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@matt Absolutely correct :slight_smile: