Product Circle - 15th February 2022

Developer round

  • JB has lots of PRs waiting for review. Some have been waiting for a long time.
    • We re-prioritised the review column.
  • Maikel got delayed on his issues. The current release needed hot fixes and was redrafted for a second release test. The customer name split needed some iterations (with timezone delay) but looks like it’s there now. And the customers endpoint needed a few fixes, too, but is hopefully ready for review when the name split is done.
  • Nihal has one PR for review. He got stuck on #7853 (deprecation warnings) because the approach was not clear. He would like to work on #5032 and needs a better understanding of the proposed solution. #8527 (clear invalid payments) could be the next issue to work on.
    • We found that #5032 should be split up in smaller issues first and should be worked on later.
  • Matt jumped onto S2 Stripe bugs and several of them look like they have the same root cause. He created a PR that may fix all of them. The New Zealand upgrade is the next task.
  • Filipe has been testing the split checkout. The broken feature toggle was a blocker but is now working. He also found a Stripe error on uk-staging which he could repeat, but only there.

New Zealand

It was agreed that twice the originally quoted money will be paid to upgrade the NZ server. It should be funded by a crowdfunding campaign. It would be beneficial to do the upgrade first though to have a quieter upgrade time and draw more people to the platform during crowdfunding. It could be better for marketing to complete the upgrade during the campaign. We trust NZ to pay later.

Releases and deployments

Filipe would like to make release tests quicker by automating the deployment of master to one of our staging servers on each merge. He suggests to use uk-staging.

Another step later would be to run automated release tests against that server.

We would also like visual regression tests but that’s blocked by Paperclip.

Developer hiring

We need an interview time slot with either Matt and JB or with Maikel and David. Matt and JB agree to interview. JB is available in the second week of March. The interview will be arranged by Matt and JB for then.

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