Producer profile page

hello, everyone i’m Francis. I am part of the hackathon in Berlin. I’m student in the wild code school in La loupe, it’s in France.

Today I want to make you a proposal about the producer profile page, maybe everyone has a vision on how this page is going to be. So I open this topic in order to share my proposal with you and hear your thoughts.

As Francis was unable to post the link to the issue: #624

Looking at real world example of producer with a shop

we get 404 at

how about each enterprise getting /:slug
which could have general information about this enterprise

if it has shop it will also have /:slug/shop
if it produces it could have something like /:slug/producer

do you have also cases of enterprises which only process foods? so they can get it from producers or hubs and offer it either directly to individuals or groups, only to hubs or both. i guess they also would act as producer?

i thinks producers which don’t run shop may like to link to all (or some) of the hubs that run a shop, just like we can see on a map view

i’m creating the show page, so i met a problem.I wanted to use some part of other template to create the show page but these template use angular(producers/_fat.html.haml).for the moment i choose to do it without angular, I hope i was understandable enough for you.

sorry for my english

@sowfrancis since we like to have a static page, it may be best to create a non-angular view (using plain haml templates).

I propose keeping implementation details (plumbing like angular, haml etc.) in github issue and use this forum to discuss social, interaction, usability aspects.