OuiShare Fest 2017 / 100 urban leaders.. which ones on food?

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For the next OuiShare Fest Paris, the format might change a little, the OSFest 2017 will be around the topic “cities”, which enable us to explore and propose sessions around the “food in cities” topic :slight_smile:
We want to gather 100 urban leaders, which one do you think about on food?
Already mentioned: Rob Hopkins / Carolyn Steel (hungry cities) / …

Any idea of a great speaker explaining how urban farming will reshape our cities and our relationships with one another in urban areas? How citizen driven distribution initiatives can ultimately disrupt the existing supermarket models? Or any other food topic related to cities?

@Kirsten @serenity @sreeharsha @NickWeir @lin_d_hop and everyone else :slight_smile:

yes I think Rob Hopkins would be great. you could also try Geoff Tansey who holds http://www.foodsystemsacademy.org.uk/ and who is very supportive of OFN

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I know a couple of people in the UK who are pretty amazing . . there’s this guy called @NickWeir who is a serial successful community food enterprise person and this woman called @lin_d_hop doing some pretty amazing things with goats, claiming of unused farms for the commons etc.

also maybe consider someone from the usa or canada to link across to the ‘sharable’ community. first name that leaps to mind is Will Allen from growing power (http://www.growingpower.org/) @tschumilas who’d you recommend from canada?


Sounds great @MyriamBoure - really wish I could make it to one of these festivals. I’m teaching sustainable cities graduate courses at U of Waterloo right now, and using a sustainable food systems lens - so lots of possibilities come to mind. It depends on the aspects of sustainability you are interested in highlighting most (justice? ecological resilience? economic viability?..) But two names come to mind. My mentor at the Laurier Centre for Sustainable Food System - Alison Blay Palmer - (https://legacy.wlu.ca/homepage.php?grp_id=2229&f_id=35) - has her finger on the pulse of Canadian and international work in this area. And her work is very grounded at the grassroots here in Canada. She also supports OFN and has given my work a ‘home’ within her latest global research project (see: https://fledgeresearch.ca/about/who-we-are/staff-and-associates/). Another idea is Molly Anderson( http://www.middlebury.edu/academics/es/faculty/affiliates/node/49982). I’ve only met her a few times, but she is on many of the various committee/team calls that I participate in and she is amazing.

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