Order management updates

Pulling priority actions from Order Management - wishlist:

Creating New Orders


Move drop downs for Hub & Order Cycle selection to the top of the page - as there is no point starting the order process without entering those two details first.

  • Need to require selection of ‘distributor’ (shop?) and order cycle early so that fields that need to be are filtered appropriately . .
  • OC select needs search option - so many listed and in ‘no apparent order’ [FC]
  • Able to select Customer and add their info. ie address . . [talk to @oeoeaio about this, suspect would have to happen after Hub selected? probably need to use customer e.g. limit list options to people who have already purchased through this hub
  • Add order needs to be able to deal with (auto add?) Hub shipping address if it is a pick-up [@RohanM and @oeoeaio to discuss what needs to happen here]
  • initially shows ALL products across OFN, need to select distributor and order cycle before commencing adding products OR may potentially add products from anywhere [FC]
  • [NEW] order cycle selector enables you to start typing to select order cycle, rather than having to scroll
  • [NEW] Items added should take their price from the variant override if there is one


  • Admin can add an Order to a closed Order Cycle (from admin?) [have a quick look and see how hard it is]

accidentally created this page as @oeoeaio sorry everyone - is secretly me!

@lisahill @RohanM @sstead - have made this a wiki page so hopefully we can update to get clearer spec. Rohan - is pretty safe to start working from the top (I think first couple are quite self-explanatory), if in doubt discuss with Rob as he uses this interface quite a bit and knows what the problems are

Attaching FC spreadsheet in case more detail / explanation if needed 151125 Requests for analysis.xlsx (355.9 KB)

This should be enough for tomorrow (I hope) - I’ll be in friday morning and keen to get rest of spec on FC priorities superclear


@RohanM - need to talk to you about this tomorrow, make sure we’reactually attaching ‘customer’ to the order, not checking out as guest, because when this is a heavy user (e.g. FC) they are ending up with many duplicate customers

I’ve just finished (most of) a round of work on order management. Here’s a writeup of where I’ve gotten to.

Things that are done (in order-creation branch)

  • Require selection of shop and order cycle before anything else
  • Allow searching order cycle
  • Order cycles are marked with their status (open/closed/upcoming/undated) and sorted as: open and soonest closing, upcoming soonest opening, closed, undated
  • Restrict products to the chosen shop and order cycle
  • Products take variant override price and stock level into account
  • When selecting a customer, their addresses are filled out

Things that are not yet done

  • Enterprise user can’t search for previous customers (but super admin can)
  • Limit customer list to customers who have previously purchased through the chosen shop
  • When selecting a customer and this order is for pick up, fill in the shop’s address as the ship address
  • Check that customers are correctly associated with an order when it is created, rather than making a duplicate customer

The one little thing I found in testing… but it’s not something lots of people are going to accidentally do…

I created an order and selected one distributor and order cycle, then added a product to the order, then changed the distributor and order cycle, then added a new product (belonging to the second order cycle). It allowed me to do this, but told me I had made a mistake, adding a product from the wrong order cycle. But when I removed the first product and went onto the next step (customer details), it got confused and told me me…

When I then went back to the order edit page, i can see that it’s lost all the item from my order, kept the $33 total, and assigned the order to a 3rd unrelated distributor.

This distributor does have shipping and payment methods.

Here’s link to the bug - https://github.com/openfoodfoundation/openfoodnetwork/issues/749