Open Food Network in Spain and in Spanish : )

Hello team!

Great pleasure!

I鈥檓 from C贸rdoba, Andalucia (Spain), and I鈥檓 living just now in Bogot谩 temporarily for two months. Afterwards, I will stay in Mexico a few weeks before coming back to C贸rdoba.

I鈥檓 a freelance designer and developer (and musician!), interested in usability, open source, sharing, collaboration, social cooperation and social change. I knew about OFN thanks to Ouishare Fest 2014 (I鈥檓 OuiShare / OuiShare Labs connector) and I really love OFN and their great and beautiful possibilities.

At this time, I鈥檓 contact with a local organization from C贸rdoba (Spain) very interested to create an OFN in C贸rdoba for connecting local producers and consumers. I鈥檓 so excited with this idea and I want to help them and make the food revolution in my dear city and the rest of regions and countries of spanish speech; why not.

I would like to help in the translation into Spanish. How could I start? Any help is welcome.

Thanks so much to @MyriamBoure for your help. And thanks to all : )


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Hi @alvarosaco! Great to see you here :smile:

About how to start a new instance, you have various threads on the topic, and I recommend you to look at this one: Running your own local OFN and then you can follow the linked topics :slight_smile: This one can also be interesting for you: How to get your local OFN platform up and running?

@Kirsten just started a conversation about trying to make the deloyment and upgrade processes smoother: Deployment and upgrades - progress and challenges

About the translation, have a look here: Internationalisation project notes
@maikel is still working on the integration of all the translation things, but you can already work on the sp.yml file if you want! You have the link of the branch where you can find the original english file in this conversation. I don鈥檛 know when it will be merged, so don鈥檛 hesitate when you upload your yml file to create a new branch and ask for merging, so that the master code safeguards can just make sure everything is ok :slight_smile:
For information the translation took me 5 hours for French. You may have some difficulties if you don鈥檛 know the context of the threads鈥
I know there are people in Chile who are also starting, so the translation will be very useful, even more broadly than in Spain :slight_smile:

Don鈥檛 hesitate if you have any other question!

Hello Alvaro. Im Maria a member of La Bolina a producers consumers veg box squeme. Our aim is also to repopulate rural areas and work with migrants. I see you are interested in supporting this kind of initiatives鈥e will love to get to know you. also we are very close. we are in the rural areas of Granada.
Un gusto conocerte.

Dear Maria, I believe there has been much time since Alvaro posted the above information. However there is already an instance with a Spanish server. They are based in Cataluna but they have a broad number of users and would say they would be happy in having you on board. They might ask for some help because it has been a difficult journey to set up the instance and have it running till now. You can find more information about them here: and and here let us know if you can reach them

Hello!! thank you very much for the info. I will.contaxt them asap.