OFN to Slovenija

Hello OFN community!

I am developing similar project in Slovenia: s-kmetij.si.
Learning about OFN I got entusiastic and Will bring it to Slovenia. So anybody from Slovenia or other way interested in Slovenian food can get in touch with me to help it going.

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Hi @JozeHladnik and welcome to the OFN community :slight_smile: Please don’t hesitate to say a bit about who you are so that the other people from the community can discover you :slight_smile: Also if you want to try more into details the platform, as we discussed, you can access a staging server, see with @maikel if you want an trial access :slight_smile:
Cheers and ping me if you need anything else from me!

Hello there again,

As Myriam suggested I do introduce myself:
I got PhD, but than I was helping establishing milk processing on my parents farm. Selling on farm-markets and developing our ways to sell our product I was talking with lots of costumers and other farms. I have noticed there is big gap between those two groups. Seems it is logistic and investment (time and money) problem to get food from farmer (with name) to customer (with name). But even more seemed to me that there is deficit in availability of information. I thought and still think, If we get better flow if information about food and needs system would improve by itself.
Therefore I have created s-kmetij.si that is meant to be web directory of farms and all sort of hubs. I am using wpgeodirectory.com wordpress plugin.
Here is intro for s-kmetij.si https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oexJ66DO7kI.
When I have learned about OFN I thought:
-that is the right community for my ideas,
-this could be right kind of souftware
-together we can really change way food is distributed.
I got in touch with @MyriamBoure over helo@openfoodnetwork.org, so I jet know quite some things about OFN.
I see I have even bigger plans than OFN and if I manage to make them true I and group we have to establish can be significant part of OFN initiative.
I have to learn about OFN platform. I want to see how it work and what I can jet do with state of the art software. Since I don’t find way to direct massage @maikel, I please you here; can you show me way to experiment on your staging server. I would really like to get own staging install too so I can invite some tech friends to get me some feedback and estimations on how much work we need.
We want to make si.openfoodnetwork.org to support and develop hubs(jet quite developed) and all similar sort of initiatives in Slovenija. I will keep s-kmetij.si as directory site.

Thank you @JozeHladnik for introducing yourself :slight_smile:
@maikel can you give an account to a staging server to Joze so that he can have a look from inside? I would love to do it myself but from what I understood my account on staging disappear each time the data are erased… If I didn’t understand well and if I can manage those test accounts on staging myself please let me know how to do :slight_smile: You will have soon another request from Switzerland :slight_smile: Thanks!

I did that already via private message.

Ok thanks :slight_smile: Cheers!

Hi @JozeHladnik, welcome to the OFN community :slight_smile: [quote=“JozeHladnik, post:3, topic:649”]
As Myriam suggested I do introduce myself:

We actually have a thread where everybody introduces themselves, here, it might be worth adding your intro there so that anyone following that topic will be notified that you’ve joined.


Hallo there,

We want to bring OFN to Slovenia. We are going to rise some public money (en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/LEADER_programme) to cover Starting and promotional costs. I please all of you to help me with assambling project. First of all I would like to estimate financial structure (firstly assuming we have no volunteer work - so we estimate its worth too)
So: We want to cower "all"of Slovenian market of fresh local food (lets say: 2000 farms and 100Hubs). Howmuch we would need for: -getting hardware or appropriate hosting provider.
-install all need software (I heard $2-3k $ charge AU. for instalation?)
-setup administration work (maybe per farm and per Hub)
-cost of day-to-day administration of OFN system
-(cost of administration of farm/hub if you offer it free and operator dont do it).
-costs of developing needed adaptations (also translation?)
-cost of new features as may be needed.

Does anyone have their Project to share?
I will be thankful for any input, even questions that point me to right direction.
Thank you,

PIng @serenity - are you able to help @JozeHladnik with details around hiring the Australian dev team to set up the Slovenian instance? :slight_smile:

Hi @JozeHladnik, I started a post inviting the local instances to share their business model :slight_smile: Sharing business models of local OFN entities

For deploymenet support, I think it’s more around 5-6K$, but @serenity will tell you more precisely depending on the work required in your specific case.
The setup admin per hub is included in a package that we can call “support”, you can decide if you include that in your overwhole costs or as a “paid service”, if a hub wants a dedicated support, he has to pay a little fee per month for example.
Then you have to evaluate the local people time you need to ensure server maintenance, support and project cooedination, communication, etc.
For the features requirement / adaptation, maybe you can start your own list, I have made one for France depending on the local project (Back-office translation, Mangopay integration, invoices adaptation, tax-display adaptation, etc.) I have not yet put a real figure in front of every line, but I made some “rough estimate” and I end-up with a need for 200 K€ for all the features/adaptation we need for France. The document is partly in french but maybe you can understand roughly as I linked the discussions on Discourse when they are open: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Hvb3Uws8nEs3H11K_vPtuEUQDotNGpQbsXUqLmc8od4/edit#gid=0

Hope that can help!

Hi @JozeHladnik - we’ll get back to you with some more info on this by the end of the week . . going to see if we can come up with a kind of generic starting estimate to work from :slight_smile: @danielle @serenity