OFN Thailand

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We are looking into building up an OFN for the organic communities here in Thailand. Do join us in the discussion if you are interested in helping out in making this happen.


Spencer Leung
Go Organics
Make Living & Peace Sustainable
m: +66 89 685 2808
e: spencer@goorganics.co.th
w: www.goorganics.co.th
l: https://th.linkedin.com/in/goorganics

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Awesome @Spencer :slight_smile: @maikel or @danielle can we give access to a staging server to Spencer so that he can have a play in it to make sure that answer his need?
We had a great conversation with Spencer, he has an amazing project in Thailand, totally aligned with the values of the OFN, working with family farms, permaculture farms, developing new distribution channels for them :slight_smile:

Hey @Spencer, welcome to the OFN family :grinning:

@maikel should be able to help you out with access to staging.


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I email Spencer some login details.

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Awesome! @Spencer when having a play with the staging, please ask me if you have any question, if anything isn’t clear, etc. I’ll be on holidays though from this Sunday, not sure I’ll be connected a lot in the next two weeks, but else ask here and other people from the community can help you :slight_smile: Cheers!

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