OFN global monthly online gatherings - what is their purpose?

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In today’s monthly update call we decided to clarify the purpose of these meetings.

These are the notes I made. We would appreciate your additions :slight_smile:

These meetings are to

  1. give everyone a chance to report on key happenings in their instance in the last month - this could include new projects started, new funding applied for or won, interesting new users, any help or advice needed, etc

  2. help orientate new instance managers, familiarise them with the global team, offer them support and learn from their perspective of OFN

  3. make plans for the development of OFN both globally and supporting any one instance wanting to develop into new areas

  4. review and plan OFN global budget

  5. review and plan OFN global comms

  6. strengthen the sense of OFN global community - remind ourselves of what an inspiring team we are

Alongside this conversation we also addressed @jen’s question about the purpose of the ATAP meetings and wondered if we could also use this discourse thread to discuss the purpose of both these meetings and whether we it is worth considering combining the 2 meetings?

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Just want to urge people who are setting up new instances to comment please!! We really want to make these meetings useful to you – what content do you want on the agenda? What would make you want to attend?