New branding - changes for Tuesday launch

Layout issues - Aus local site

  • Menu covers the branding (country name) at greater than 1280px.

  • z-index issue: content displays over dismissible grey message bar at the top of the page.

  • Instance site > menu > breaks drop down at around 1280px.

  • Rendering is f&*ked in IE9 - caused by one of:

    • 12c6878
    • 4c4490a
    • 0a300d1
  • Once the above rendering issue is fixed, the background image needs to be fixed. IE9 and below does not support ::before psuedo elements (Rohan knows about this one).

Layout issues - Global site

  • About > shorter bios cause an issue with the rectangle size. Need to add line breaks underneath bios for Sally, Rohan and Laura’s bios to make the rectangle high enough to cover the image.

Link issues - Aus local site

  • Make sure there are no hardcoded links to ‘’, that all links are ‘

  • Footer > Blog link > link needs to be removed until the calendar feature is developed.

  • Footer > Calendar > link needs to be removed until the calendar feature is developed.

Link issues - Gobal site

Other things

  • Page titles on AU local site all the same (“Welcome to Open…”). Need to be unique for each page.

  • Update the News section on Global site - the user ‘OFN_user’ is fairly impersonal, should be somebody’s name in the team, and additional news contributors should be added.

@RohanM and @serenity - a breakdown of all the things for Tuesday for you to action.

@sstead was going to sort out the bio layout issue with the line breaks, she may have already done this.