Localised branding - components to be content managed

IMPLEMENTED: upgrade to v1.2 and see Configuration > Content

Now that the AU site has been rebranded, it’s time to think about how to roll this out to the other existing local sites, and also how to make it easy for any newly set up local sites to localise the branding.

Things that will need to be developed

  • An explanation of how the branding works - global vs local, and the reasoning behind what can and can’t change.
  • A how-to guide that details the way that a local site can customise the branding.

Components to be modified

  • Favicon

  • Header logo

  • Background colours underneath transparent images

  • Font colour (headings, etc)

  • Content sections on sign up pages for producers, hubs and groups.

  • Header shopping cart colour

  • Link hover colour

  • Footer logo

  • Footer links (terms, email, social media links, etc)

  • Turn on/off each of the instance statistics

Which site has been rebranded? This https://www.openfoodnetwork.org.au/#/ still looks the same.

Is the new logo finalised? If so, is there a set of files to use for different brand locations?

I am working on the deployment part right now of a setup for Northern Colorado, I"d like to help with this ‘branding configuration’, as I work on branding for this region. Thank you all for the great work!

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just looking at the list above, it strikes me that there’s a pretty fine line here between re-branding within ‘ofn partners’ and actually doing the main ground-work that will enable white label release e.g. to turn master into something that has no branding, and then Aus as well as everyone else applies our copy, logos etc as customisations?

@danielle is going to suggest to @MyriamBoure that this be a topic for discussion at our first global hangout and we won’t be scheduling any work on it here in Aus until scope is a bit clearer.

Welcome @NorthernColorado :slight_smile: feel free to drop a couple of sentences here to say hi!

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Hi everyone! @danielle would it be possible to share with us a proposal for how you see global vs local branding, and “how to do”? You can do it on the global drive and invite us to comment on the document :smile:
Would it also be possible to share the source files of the logo so that we can make local versions of it and change it on our instance? Also in the drive, woud be great :wink:
We had actually the same question when we installed the plateform for France last Sunday, we wanted to change the “Aussi producer” banner, the logo, and some other stuff like that… but we were wondering how to do…
Thanks in advance!

Hi @danielle, @Kirsten, UK would also be keen to know what the process is for creating localised branding elements and where the assets live :slight_smile:

Hi everyone!

We have some assets from the branding work that were part of the redesign, including high-res and vector versions of the international logos on the global site. I believe Serenity has given Myriam and Paul access to those on dropbox now. Feel free to use them out of the box, or let us know if you would like any customisations. I think there will likely be further talk about international branding as part of the global governance discussions, but this is probably a good place to start.

I’ve been working on building some customisation into the site so that it’s easy to upload localised logos, change the site brand colour and change the text in a number of places in the site. That code is ready to go, and we should have it merged on Wednesday. There’s documentation of that feature here.

Hi all, so sorry about the delayed response and thanks @RohanM for adding the detail around how the customisation had been set up when the new design went in for AU.

@MyriamBoure and @pmackay it would be great to chat about the global vs local branding in the global governance sessions, though I’m also going to be away on holiday for the next session (I’ll be in Indonesia too, though in different parts than @serenity and @Kirsten), and I’m not back on board with OFN till the last week of August.

If waiting until I’m back to kick off that discussion is too long a delay then perhaps the conversation can start here with representatives from each local site adding what they feel their needs are in terms of localised branding. Alongside of this it would be great to hear everyone’s thoughts on how the localised branding can/should fit with the global brand, and to what extent should there be flexibility in the way a localised site can brand itself given it’s part of a bigger thing. Not to mention how this flexibility can be written into the codebase so that it’s as easy as possible to maintain and work with.

Thoughts? :smile:

Hi @danielle !
We have been discussing lately in both Norway and France about customization design.
For Norway, we would like for example to apply the new design.
In both Norway and France, we need to change the “Aussie producer? Register here” thing as it doesn’t mean anything here :wink: And also about that, I would like to make that button more visible as I think it’s not really “intuitive” if you are a hub, you will signup using the login button, but you have no clue that after that, while logged in, you need to scroll down the whole list of shop to find the “register” button. I thought we might have in the sign-up button two options: sign-up as a buyer / sign-up as an entreprise (producer, hub).
Can we maybe plan a dedicated hangout on the subject of design first week of september? Would it be possible for you? Which day? Maybe we can keep the same timetable as for the global HO so that anyone interested can participate?
Or should this be discussed on the HO of the 8th September, and dedicated 15-20 min on the subject?
Let me know depending on your availability, we can maybe discuss next week with thos who can and make a proposal for approval in the global HO of the 8th.
Ping @CynthiaReynolds and @marito59

Hi @MyriamBoure! A hangout in the first week of September is fine for me. I don’t mind if we do it as a dedicated hangout or if we use some time in the next HO. I guess it depends on what else there is to discuss during that session and how much time that will need. I will be at the HO, so if you like we could raise it there for discussion and then organise another dedicated session to discuss it further if we need the extra time?

It would be good to have @RohanM along for this discussion as he has all the knowledge around how the branding has been set up in the code base and he will be well placed to talk about how we could change/improve what has already been implemented from a technical perspective. @RohanM - when are you back from your holiday adventures?

@danielle I think Rohan is back on the 16th September, so if we need him in the loop then we can plan a dedicated hangout after the 16th with him. We won’t have so much time on the 8th as we will probably talk more about the governance process reflexion we are facilitating around the deceleration week, but if you need everyone to give a feedback on “what they want to be able to customize” before we plan the call with Rohan, we can mention it? Or we can have a “preparatory hangout” open to anyone interested to discuss our whishes about design and take the time to share our needs and views, and then we can discuss it with Rohan at the next global community HO on 13th October, if he can (hopefully) join?

I’ll be back in the office with the team next Wednesday, so I’ll have a chat with @serenity and @Kirsten then about it and let you know. But I think it’s a good idea to have a conversation about local vs global in terms of design and branding to understand what each location’s needs are and whether there a common themes. And to discuss the merits of consistency across the OFN network vs. allowing for individuality, and to what extent that individuality should be expressed.

How about at the HO we kick off the conversation, and then we can get people to follow up on this thread with their specific needs, which can then be collated and discussed in October?

Hi everyone from San Francisco!

I’ll indeed be back on the 16th of September. My ideal time for a hangout would be the following week from the 21st to the 25th. After that, I’ll be away again from the 26th of September to the 7th of October. Looking forward to talking soon!


@danielle ok for that, I put a point on the HO for the 8th so that you can kick off the conversation. And then depending on the time you think we need to discuss it properly, either we set up a specific date with Rohan between the 21st and 25th (option 1) either we dedicate 10 min again in the HO of the 22nd september (supposed to be dedicated for the governance process, but if we only need 10 min we don’t have to plan a seperate HO). Cheers!

Most of this has been implemented in the super-admin CMS, see usage instructions here and deploy by upgrading to v1.2

Moving this thread to development/done