Link to Github on .org site

We have been made aware of the fact that the site doesn’t have a link to out github page and the link to the community forum is rather hard to find.
As these are both quite essential elements of our project, it’s a bit of a pity that people have to look for these for several minutes or google them in order to find them.

I am aware that our .org site is going to be redone soon (once governance stuff is more advanced), so at least for that revamp, let’s keep this in mind…
But maybe there’s an easy way to introduce this earlier?

As an example - the page has it right in the top bar… (of course we don’t want to say: “fork us!” but maybe “find us on github”?)

Have you seen This is supposed to cover some of those things. But its another site that isnt properly linked to from Personally I think it would be easier to maintain and clearer if included some dev links as you suggest. Plus there are issues with that dev site not having the right logo and other differences in style.

Hi there, happy to add those links on the global site. Thoughts on where they should go?

My suggestion would be button on the top right, “[Picto GitHub ]Find us” :slight_smile:

A sentence in About->Volunteer, after ‘Keen to get involved?’ in Meet the Team or as own menu item ‘Contribute’ or similar in the Platform menu :smile: