Internationalisation project notes

I saw the integration part. But we need to install custom scripts on one of our servers to make that work. We should look at that once the i18n branch is stable and has been merged to master.

Great stuff! @maikel do you have any idea when the merging is planned to happen?

@sigmundpetersen The latest Norwegian version is on staging1. Did you have a look if everything is alright?

Are we all happy with the internationalisation? If yes, we can plan to merge this. :slight_smile:

Everything good @maikel! Go ahead with the merge.

Are there any additional info I need when upgrading to 1.3 (when it’s ready) or should it be the same procedure as last time?


It should work the same as last time. Changing the language on the server is described in the ofn deployment wiki.

There is also a change of the Ruby version. But Rohan installed the newest version of Ruby on your server already. Other teams can use a new Ansible script Rohan wrote.

@maikel - I understood on the last global hangout that v1.3 was being released within days. Do we have a date for that? Ideally the norwegian instance will move to v1.3 and norwegian at the same time - hoping to save @sigmundpetersen doing the job twice :wink:
EDIT: the question was just answered here : What's New - v1.3 (151218)

Hi Cynthia,

We are going to run some more tests tomorrow. Best case, we can do the release then. But since there are a lot of changes, it might happen next week, not sure.

Once we released v1.3, you probably want to check Transifex and translate the latest changes. We can do a new version 1.3.1 including translations. Sigmund can then deploy that to the server.

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Ping @marito59 and @gnollet about the server language, in case you have not seen it already :slight_smile:

@maikel I see that you have added 3 strings, among them "included tax’ and “remove tax”, just for me to translate them well in French, do they relate to VAT in the check out? where do those strings appear? It this idea of those string to enable a customer to show the amount including or excluding VAT (if they are into a VAT scheme or not to see the cost for them, am I right?) Thanks :wink:

That is in the admin panel. If you edit an order, you can do adjustments to each item (product). That page shows the included tax for that item and you can choose to remove the tax or choose another tax category. Since you can define your own tax categories in the system, you need a general word for tax. If the item is a vegetable, the tax might be different to alcohol or a service.

These words are not visible to customers.

Hey @maikel I updated the translations of the 2 last sentences in Transifex from VAT to a general wording for tax. This is for the Norwegian file so it will have to be merged again.

Thanks @sigmundpetersen and @MyriamBoure for translating. I got something new in place: Transifex GitHub integration. One of our servers gets notified everytime you complete a translation and pushes it to the transifex branch. That makes the latest translations visible to the public and you can deploy that branch if you want to get the latest translations. We can update that branch whenever we release a new version.

Our transifex branch got updated to the new release v1.3. Since that release introduces changes in the user interface, new strings need translation. Most languages are missing around 89 words at the moment. Once they are at 100% again, we will make a new release including the translations.

@sigmundpetersen, @MyriamBoure

Hi @maikel and @MyriamBoure, I found an un-internationalized string in a file (stil in plain text instead of using the t option). The process for submitting the fix is not clear to me

  • should I fix in the transifex branch (in the .haml file and in the en.yml file) and publish a PR, and then, the new entry will be published to Transifex for translation in other languages ?
  • something else ?

THanks for clarifying.

Hi @marito59, please don’t change the transifex branch. We use it to synchronise Github and Transifex on release level.

Best practice for any contribution is to create a new branch based on our master branch and submit a pull request. Your changes would then go into our master branch and into the next release.

We would like to get the current release translated completely before we start translating the next release.

Does that help? Where would you expect to find this documented?

Hi @maikel and thank you for all that job! Great to see the platform in French & Norwegian :slight_smile: I have a question for the back office, I had understood that people had worked on it during the hackaton so that the back office can also be translated, am I right @Selmo and @elf-pavlik? I was just wondering about what is the next step on that. Thanks for the info!

Thanks @maikel. I’ll do as you suggest.

However, wouldn’t it be better to have a branch for translation in order to have 2 different persons changing the code at the same time. I really depends on how quick the PR is processed.

On your last question, I will start a discussion around development in a separate thread, since a lot of questions are raised now that we are using more extensily the platform. I’ll ping you.

Could you also check that I have the rights to do PR, the Github client seems to reject my commits and sync. Same for Issues, I can’t add labels to an issue I’ve created.

On the other hand, it would be annoying to translate a string that isn’t
used in the master branch anymore. Or to translate something that is
changing which causes a conflict.

I think the solution would be a quicker review of pull requests. You are
very welcome to look through pull requests and give your opinion.

Hi @maikel! On my question about internationalisation of the back office, I have added an example in the GitHub issue: Ping @Selmo after our discussion on that topic :slight_smile:

So if I understand correctly (from #753 and #774), the work on i18n done during the hackathon is yet to be merged with master, awaiting its completion from @elf-pavlik.
So before @marito59 and @nickwhite get into the details, they should make sure to check the PR in #753 on what’s already been done. But they probably already understood that and it’s just me who’s now waking up… :wink: