Instance Manager Circle

At this year’s Global Gathering proposed that we use a sociocratic model to organise. We’ve been moving toward creating best practice and ways of working for these circles. Increasingly I am finding myself wanting to better understand how to contact all instance managers at once. So I’m wondering if now is the time toformalise the Instance Managers circle? Here are a few thoughts on how this could look:


The monthly global hangout is becoming the place for the Instance Managers Circle to meet. This meeting happens on the second Tuesday of each month at 9pm CET.


The #instance-managers channel on Slack is one key way to communicate with instance managers, though this channel can be quite noisy and difficult for people to keep up with in lower resource instances.


It would be useful to have an Instance Managers tag on Discourse so that we can ping all instance managers with a single tag.
I am not clear who should be in this list, please can anyone tag the relevant people who might also know other relevant people. I’ll create this tag and update it when I have the start of a list of names :slight_smile:

I know that there are other things happening to build the Instance Managers Circle, including ways in which instance managers feed into delivery. I’m certainly not the best placed person to describe all the things so please add anything to this post about how the Instance Managers Circle can organise :slight_smile:

I think I understand what you mean and wonder what the goal of such a circle would be?

  • asking for help
  • explaining work arounds
  • creating suggestions for development direction
  • acting as sounding board for designers and developers to help them make design decisions
  • moans and bragging
  • ???

Something else?

…all of the above?