Instance in the US

We are planning on launching our instance in the US in the next couple of weeks. We have it in a staging environment. If there is any interest from any of the other people in the USA get in touch. It would be nice to collaborate with you guys. @tim.honchel @jveilleux @neylonbill.

This is the logo and band that we plan to use though we still plan and look forward to joining the network and collaborating on the software to make it even better.

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William - Nice to make your acquaintance.

I won’t repeat myself, but I’ve made comments about some of the changes we’re making.

You may want to reconsider that brandname. There’s a commercial business using the name “harvest to market” that’s been around for a few years. Go to for details.

If you’re on skype, my username is jveilleux. Or drop me an email at



William (@woakes070048) -

Just found your Pegas website. Pretty impressive.

I’m from Waterville and will actually be there Friday around 6PM, then leaving Saturday AM for a family trip to Montreal.

Got time for a quick cup of coffee and a chat?



Hey I respond on linkedin but we can do Saturday some time.