Hubs can ask their customers to validate their own terms and conditions

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What is the need / problem

Today instance require hub to accept “terms and conditions” when they want to create their first enterprise.
BUT the hubs that use our platform as legally required to ask their customers to validate the shop’s terms and conditions. Today there is no way for a hub to ask their customer to validate their terms and conditions while shopping.

Who does it impact

All merchant hubs in various countries (at least France but I’m pretty sure it’s not only France)

What is the current impact of this problem

Food hubs are out of law

What is the benefit in focusing on this

Hubs will be legally compliant.

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Potential solutions that will solve this problem

I suggest a very easy solution which is to enable a hub to link the url for their terms and conditions in their enterprise profile (on menu: legal where there is alredy the VAT stuff) + we add a small checkbox at the end of checkout “I validate [enterprise] terms and conditions”.

@MyriamBoure can you please assign this icebox item a sub-category? Draft or Review Ready or Approved?

I wonder whether it actually is a legal requirement for all instances…perhaps worth finding out?

This remains needed and quite important on legal side. It is clear enough to be prioritized when we want, leaving it in voting candidates.

I guess we need to show the checkbox on checkout only when customer has not accepted previously the terms and also add something on the backoffice customers list to show if a customer has accepted the terms.
This is an S, maybe M.

@luisramos0 why only when the customer did not accept them previously? When I look at other ecommerce shop, I have to check them each time I do a purchase. I guess they do that because they update them often. how was it at Farfetch?

Doing it for all orders would simplify the work, isn’t it? The only tricky thing I see for our case is for subscriptions… :grin:

At FF the terms are at user registration. Not at checkout. It’s probably because of the god of ecommerce called conversion. An extra checkbox impacts conversation…
We shouldnt show the terms all the time because of conversation (and UX noise on checkout).
But yes, we can show it all the time, we still need to record it at order level… so maybe better, and not much harder, to implement it at customer level and not show it all the time.
Anyway, I dont think this would change the estimate. Maybe a more solid S.

@luisramos0 I agree about the noise. The problem with putting the terms and conditions at customer level is that one customer can shop at several shops on the OFN. Yet terms and conditions are specific to one particular shop…
So I’m not sure we have another option than to put it at checkout…

If we don’t put it all the time we will need to think of a UX journey when the hub updates its terms and conditions.


“If we don’t put it all the time we will need to think of a UX journey when the hub updates its terms and conditions.”
Maybe just clean up the records for that shop customers so that users will see it again on checkout.

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