How to use multiple currencies for my local OFN?

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About the question of the currency.

I tried to look on the platform if we could use multiple currencies, and apparently we can’t with the current set-up: in the configuration page, you can only choose one currency…

…and then when a producer adds products and prices, he can’t choose any other currency

That is going to be a problem for us as we want to build only one instance for Scandinavia, and we have 4 different currencies…

It seems that Spree can be configured to use multiple currencies…

Is it already installed? Is it possible to integrate that option easily? I guess there will be then some back office to set up the rates between currencies… or is it linked to a database that take the daily rate?
This is kind of critical for us, and I guess for any hub who will be on “borders” with other countries and working with producers from the other side of the border…

@openfoodnetwork do you have any feedback on that point?
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Thoughts for later:

Now that we are getting closer to covering both Multilingual instances and the Spree upgrade, I was wondering if anyone knows whether that will solve the issue of using multiple currencies on one instance?
We have swedish projects coming on board in the coming months, and will be needing to manage both the nowegian and swedish kroners. Our initial thoughts are to set up a swedish server for testing, but if we are getting close to be able to manage both on one instance, we may want to focus our energy and funds to cover this.

Will this be solved by Spree v 2.2?

Are any other instances in need of multi-currency? @MyriamBoure I am guessing that even though you are looking at cross border transactions that you are only using the Euro.

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Gem spree_multi_currency might be useful after the Spree Upgrade

Won’t be an auto fix. This will require some additional dev and would make sense along with the multilingual instances.

Thanks @lin_d_hop Do we know what branches it can be used on? (pardon my newb question :wink: ) will v.2.2 be able to handle this or do we need to be on 3.0 stable for it to applicable?

Hi @CynthiaReynolds
Apologies for not being clear. Multi currency does not exist in OFN and will need to be implemented with additional development.

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my fault, I am simply not aware of whether or not gems can be applied against any branch, in this case v2.2 or if we need a higher version for them to work.

guessing we will need another estimate of an estimate from here :wink:

@CynthiaReynolds heh :smile:

Maybe not. @maikel the estimate you’re doing for Multilingual Instances, will the cover what @CynthiaReynolds is asking for above?

The work on multilingual instances does not include multiple currencies. The mentioned spree-plugin is helpful as related work, but doesn’t provide the functionality and user interfaces we need. There are actually a few open questions as well:

  • Is the currency only for the payment or are products sold in several currencies?
  • Do admins or shop owners update conversion rates?
  • Or do shop owners enter prices in several currencies?

thanks @danielle @maikel for looking at this :slight_smile:

Our first stage will be to enable the platform to allow hubs to operate in one currency based on where they are located. (norwegian hubs selling to norwegian consumers, swedish to swedish)
As the network grows long term, cross border transactions are desirable. But for now, shop owners will enter one price in their default currency (I am assuming we will need to include each countries tax levels in the list, or would they only be given their own countries tax options in the dropdown?

Later down the road, we will have to find a solution for exchange rates, how often they are updated and how it is managed on the admin level.

I would love to hear other people thoughts on multi-currency and how it will evolve long term for international transactions. - ping @MyriamBoure

we are applying for funding in the UK to develop the functionality for the user to be able to switch between Welsh and English. we hope to hear by March 2017

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@NickWeir Wales and England currently use the same currency. Currently the UK have no need for this functionality.

hopefully we will also get funding (should hear by the end of year), and be able to dedicate more to the multi-lingual bucket with you guys :slight_smile:

Sorry i was thinking multiple languages…doh!