Hello from Chicago, USA

#Hello From Chicago!

###I’m Bill Neylon, I am a novice software developer, designer, entrepeneur, and all-around tinkerer.

I thought I’d post to say:

  • I love what you are doing and inspired by the quality and commitment. I share your values and vision.
  • I plan on contributing however I can, whether it’s minor patches on github or anything else
  • I hope to someday partner and host a Chicago instance of OFN, though I need to form an org first
  • (To the above point) I am starting to volunteer for the Chicago CSA coalition (http://www.bandoffarmers.org/) to help with their tech, and hopefully I can convince them to get on the platform
  • I am participating in a startup pitch competition this weekend in the local incubator, and I plan on pitching an idea of a sort of online food hub, targeted at amateur urban and suburban farmers. Is there a space for a startup food hub in an open food network?

Anyway, thanks for reading and keep doing great work


Welcome Bill. So nice to have your interest here. And your arrival is timely - I’m putting you in touch with @tim.honchel who is in the first stages of launching an OFN instance in the US!! I think he is still orienting himself to our open food discourse system - so I’ll message you his direct email.

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Thanks so much Theresa!

I’ll reach out today.