Generating ideas within the community | Product Development Process

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Identifying and brainstorming ideas for how to improve the platform

Given we are a distributed community around the world, it’s important we have a virtual channel where we can put forward and elaborate on ideas we have for new features or improvements for the OFN software platform.

As is the case now, these conversations can happen here on the Community channel using the #wishlist category.

You can see an example of an idea being worked on by the community here: Box builder

Things to consider

  • It can be really difficult to come into a brainstorm session when there’s a lot of very long posts:

    • Edit your unrefined brain dumps into something more concise and to the point to make it easier on those reading it. We will all love you for it :grin:
    • Try to use the quote function if you are replying so that it’s obvious what you are referring to.
  • Does this idea you are writing about already exist as a topic on here? Be sure to do a search through the #wishlist category and check if it already exists before you create a new one.