First proposal for a Core dev team pledge

One of the action items that came up on my list at the Barcelona gathering is to define a Core dev team pledge as a way to make devs take the ownership the community expects from them, setting clear boundaries and expectations.

I haven’t managed to work on it any further since the gathering, so please jump in and make any comments and additions to my first proposal. It’s still a bunch of ideas that need a proper write-up.

@MyriamBoure offered to take the lead in facilitating the discussion about the “exit conditions and strategy” part while I’m gone on holidays. Thanks!

Also, once the pledge is ready, I propose to have all devs that pass the certification process “to sign” it here in Discourse as we do for OFN affiliates. Thoughts @maikel @Matt-Yorkley @luisramos0 @Hugs @oeoeaio @lin_d_hop @Kirsten @Rachel, etc. ?

It still needs fleshing out, but I think that it’s a great idea and a good start.

We are having lots of discussions about the exit process in the other discussion. Actually I think the pledge could be for all certified core team members, not only devs. Even the way it is written is generic enough and can apply to all core team members. So devs can commit based on this, but other contributors who start to get paid as well. I actually get paid for my time on OFN global by OFFrance so I should commit as well… and testers as well as if they don’t they can be a bottleneck… of course hard to ask commitment if people are not paid but other than devs start to be… Ping @danielle as this is parallel conversation connected to the one in exit process.

Yes and if there are small differences these could be sub chapters or bullet lists for dev, tester, sys admin, communication, coordinators etc. in the same doc

Can we add this to the global drive btw?

That sounds good @MyriamBoure. So, it looks like we have a final proposal for the Core team pledge?

Ok folks so I revised quite deeply your document @sauloperez based on the new scope and to make it all aligned and clear between onboarding, pledge, specific role descriptions, and exit. Check it out! @danielle let me know if it’s aligned with our last discussion :slight_smile:
When we agree on the content, I will open a new Discourse thread with the content of the attached document, and archive this one. So contributors will be able to directly sign in the new thread.

Heya @MyriamBoure this is great :slight_smile:

I’ve gone through it and added some suggested edits and comments. Feel free to accept/decline them and then put it up on the contributor handbook!