Export Orders to send Invoices to Accounting Package


There’s a little bit of fiddling to get the data to match xero’s categories, but it shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes each time once you know what you’re doing.

If we can get the OFN SKUs and Xero InventoryItemCodes and Descriptions matching, then there are only a couple of manual steps required and the Customer Totals Report will magically turn into xero invoices for you

  1. Invoice numbers - assume that xero is automatically generating these for you up to now. Xero requires you to set these before you import, so they’ll need to be manually put into the csv before importing for now - I suspect that doing this would be considerably less time-consuming than putting the whole lot in!

  2. Shipping - we can just turn the unnecessary TOTALS line into Shipping for the ones where you need to add a shipping cost

  3. Two things we’d need to change in the report:

  • get the SKUs coming out into the Customer Totals report so that they’ll automatically match the InventoryItemCodes (assuming that you have them the same)
  • column for the line item $ amount (before is multiplied by qty)
  • could drop OFN order refs in there

See Reports - fixes / updates for more detail on changes to reports

Quickbooks Online

Slightly more annoying - you need to use a plug-in but there is one there called TransactionPro. Will cost $12.95 a month once you’ve used up your 30-day trial

Once you’ve linked it up, you can import your Customer Reports csv file - just follow the instructions.

NB. I have also found these instructions for supposedly doing it correctly, but haven’t fully explored getting it to work . . http://support.quickbooks.intuit.com/support/Articles/HOW13055

The template file I used with TransactionPro is below . .
Quickbooks import template TPISamplesNonUS.xlsx (44.8 KB)

We need to actually create a new report, rather than changing the Customer totals report, because a bunch of people have already set up templates for making the Customer Totals report do other things and we don’t want to stuff them up!