Enterprise Relationship Management Interface

I had a go at wireframing a revised interface for managing enterprise relationships. I’ve designed it so that it could potentially be incorporated into the existing enterprise index page, by tacking on the permissions columns.

The design also allows given and received permission for a given enterprise to be visible in the one place. The “given” tab contains a list of enterprises with whom relationships exist for the relevant enterprise where permissions are given, and the “received” tab contains the inverse. The “given” tab could look something like this when opened:

Permissions could be grouped together in named sets eg “Full Control” would be all permissions, “Trading” would be “Add to order cycle” and “Create variant overrides”, we can add more if needed. When more fine grained control is needed, the “Edit” button in the “Custom” column can be clicked, which brings up a dialog with all options visible, so that they can be set as required:

Moving on to the “received” tab, which is much the same as the given tab, except that enterprises that the user does not manage are not editable (greyed out) ie. this user manages Producer 1 and Best Producer Ever but not Hub 3.

Any other requirements/nice-to-haves for relationship management that I have missed?