[DRAFT] Global Hangout - May 2017

Continuing the discussion from Global Hangout - Planning and Agreements for 2017 - please come!:

Hi all,

We’ve got quite a full agenda for the hangout this month and quite a few new people so introductions could take a bit longer - I suspect we maybe can’t / won’t get through it all in one hour. As I do the agenda, I’m putting key points / questions and links here as an outline so we can perhaps streamline some discussions, cover off some of it beforehand and/or split into separate meetings . . or at least know what we’re getting into!!

###1. Where and when

One hour, every Tuesday of the month, at:
Oslo & Paris: 13:00
London: 12:00
Melbourne: 21:00
Johannesburg: 13:00
North Carolina & Canada: 7:00
India: 16:30
If you would like to be added to the calendar invite, please respond below and ping @MyriamBoure.

MUMBLE - as we are likely to have more than 10 people, we will aim to use Mumble for this call. If you plan to attend you need to allocate at least 10-15 minutes before the call starts to getting yourself set-up. Follow @NickWeir’s instructions here - Dev Hangouts - Setting up Mumble

I have set-up a new Slack channel called global-community to run alongside the hangout so that links and messages exchanged within it are saved and available afterwards. Also to easily coordinate anyone who is having trouble joining. I invited everyone that I know is planning to attend. Please add yourself if I missed you. @woakes070048 - have just added you to Slack

###2. What - the Agenda
summarised agenda here. Feel free to add items but probably also best to comment below so we can work out if/how to fit it all in

####Governance - Pledge Terminology for Partners / Service Providers

The terminology of ‘Service Providers’ for white-label OFN instances has been questioned by @woakes070048 and @jveilleux, asking why white-label for-profit organisations / instances wouldn’t be considered ‘Partners’. Do we want to change the language in the Pledge to have something more inclusive for these new kinds of community members?

Personally I’m ok with considering other terms/names for these kinds of entities e.g. ‘Partners’ (commons-based organisations running branded instances) and ‘Service Providers’ (so far generally for-profit orgs running own-branded instances), do you have suggestions? There might also be something around ‘Partners’ being those that make a clear commitment re. contributions to the commons or something? But then we need another term for those who are strongly identifying with Open Food Network and wanting to be the representative and provider in their area - these are ‘something’ - if not Partner then what is better term?

For full discussion so far see here - White-label OFN Service Providers working with OFN Community

It would be great if someone wanted to suggest a solution? We need to get the Pledge finalised and people signing on, so very keen to have this finalised in this meeting.


  • Do we need greater clarity on contributions to the Commons?
  • Should we require Attribution
  • Considering options for greater funding of OFN e.g. investment (@NickWeir do you know if it is likely that anyone would want to talk to this in this meeting?)


  • OFN CC spending and Co-Budget - we NEED to know what is happening here as Australia no longer has a financial buffer, and the requests keep coming. We’ll give an update and @serenity has a proposed process … which really means you need to use co-budget :slight_smile:

  • Project Management: determining and managing priority projects - as Australia is no longer the ‘command centre’ we need to reconsider some processes e.g.

  • process for identifying priorities and allocating responsibility etc

  • making sure everyone who needs to be in the spec discussion is in it

  • determining / balancing spending with different timing of funding contributions

  • can anyone confirm if there is any cost benefit for UK paying European invoices rather than Aus? (e.g. Spree Upgrade)

  • @lin_d_hop - does this roughly cover it? Making this page a wiki so you can make this better outline if you want . .

  • User Guide to Gitbooks - we’re keen to get on with it, discuss . .

  • How to translate and update/adapt the user guide in a smart and collaborative way?

  • Anyone else want to volunteer to draft the Internal Communications summary? It’s been on my to do list for a couple of weeks now, and may languish there for longer otherwise - Internal Communications Summary

OK, that’s my 2c! Please comment, edit, make suggestions - including proposals for anything that can be resolved or taken off the agenda!! :slight_smile:

I won’t know how ‘public’ Pieter wants to be until we meet. He will be with me in person when we join the hangout/mumble. My guess is that he will only want to talk in very general terms.

@Sara do you have an opinion on this? Thanks

@mags do you have any thoughts on this? Thanks

Thanks @Kirsten yes it is looking like a big agenda and a big group. My suggestion is that for most of the items we use the meeting to explore the items in summary but rather than get into the detail of resolving it, we ask for volunteers to set up a sub-group to hangout separately and prepare a proposal. I know that this wont work for some items (eg the pledge which we want to get finalised tomorrow).
But it will need some tight facilitation to stop us getting into too much detail.

I am happy to work with others to pull together this list. Please add you suggestions and detail here Internal Communications Summary

@Kirsten @NickWeir I am interested in hearing how we could work with impact investors. Please keep me in the loop.

Tansferwise charge 0.7% to transfer to Aus and 0.5% to Europe, but seeing as we have money in Aus currently and paid those charges already it may make sense to use up OFN UK funds in Aus before transfering money elsewhere? Probably depends what its for?

I have put some suggested changes to co-budget process here: Co-budget stewardship team and process!

However, I think it might be better to maybe have a separate HO re cobudget specifically?