Delivery Circle Meeting June 28th

What’s new?

Lots of PRs from dependabot - as a consequence from ActiveStorage migration :muscle:
Most of them: only one review needed before, otherwise devs chat between them.


Not blocked, tackled plenty of papercuts - and waiting review on #9348
Fixed one of the oldest OFN issues #3975 :muscle:


  • Working with the NZ upgrade
  • deactivated with Metabase synching with AU: related to outages on the server; we need to consider performance again…
  • working together with Cillian on a large PR : great communication, great code :clap: :clap: :clap:


Working on test coverage on orders and fulfilments reports.

Quick discussion: Issues on analytics topics should be best opened on the wishlist-repo, so they can be chosen as papercuts :+1:


Picking up Stripe / Split checkout issue soon.


  • won’t be available to work on Total tax reports

Split checkout

After the main issues are addressed (#9165 and #8952) a new round of production testing will be launched :tada: (probably during the summertime)

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