Delivery Circle Meeting - August 9th

Reflections on the Holiday season

During the next weeks many of us are on holiday:

  • testers will be off, but not all at the same time - always one tester available
  • next weeks @jibees is off, so only @maikel from the development team; JB will draft the upcoming release, Maikel will deploy it next week

What about the nasty downtimes on FR? This caused deployment issues too:

  • Should we put the downtime issues as a priority?

  • @paco working with Datadog to understand the issue

  • Maikel will attempt deployment in FR too; chances are, that traffic is slow during the deployment time

  • We’ll most likely have no additional releases during next weeks, especially if there are no user-facing changes

  • “Back to school” release should happen on September 1st :books:

THE Board

  • Stripe Upgrade is in Test-Ready - it seems something was not OK with our test suite regarding - Maikel clarified this with the Stripe developers/support
  • Filipe will work on specs related to bug #9153
  • Avi (binarygit) is working nicely with @jibees :muscle:
  • AU production is live on Metabase → the query time was reduced to 10 seconds → maybe this can be done for other servers as well (@maikel)
  • #9002 is next priority (@maikel) - email account change kills previous tagging

Discussion on Split Checkout

  • acceptance differs throughout instances
  • user feedback on Split-Checkout: we need more numbers to have a solid statistical base to drive our decisions → Matomo analytics need to be in place for this (what’s the best metric for this?)
  • large consensus on the need for design improvements: need to hire designer? AU designer?

For now, the way forward is:

  • to increase numbers on production testing when #8952 (concerns mostly US and CA) and #9165 are closed
  • clarify the availability of AU designer (ping @Kirsten) or need to hire a designer to improve the split-checkout pages. This can hopefully happen without many changes to the backend code.

I am happy to talk to Aus designer and check availability. Perhaps @maikel and I can have an initial chat with her . .

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I reduced it to 30 seconds and I was wondering if we could reduce it further to 20 seconds.

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