Delivery Circle Meeting - 5th April

What’s new?

for @jibees

  • PRs in code review
  • S2 will investigate #8959
  • Working on Split checkout issue #9056, can’t reproduce currently
  • Not clear on how to proceed #9039 (probably not S2, but great to be looked at right now). A tricky issue as it deals a lot with OFNs data model → perhaps something George Thoppil could work on?
  • #8930 is on code review :+1:
  • #9045 on code review

for @konrad

  • working on #9033, not blocked

for @filipefurtado

  • slow but some progress on understanding Stripe integration. PR #9034 adds puffing-billy but before moving to code review it needs a commit with a proof-of concept spec
  • progress on analytics for tracking split-checkout

for @maikel

  • #8967 is behind feature toggle, moved to test ready with one review :+1:


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