Delivery Circle Meeting - 22th march

What’s new?

for @jibees

  • Started working on Backoffice UI uplift, implemented StimulusReflex and ViewComponentReflex (#8996) :tada:
  • Worked on last split-checkout issues. #8952 Tried to resolve but blocked (@Matt-Yorkley will help, see below)

for @filipefurtado

  • worked on last bits on test automation on split-checkout (finished, after merging specs in code review)
  • working on testing API PRs
  • working on getting turnip and puffing billy into the stack

for @konrad

  • working on #8872; will pair with Filipe on this one
  • working his way through :muscle:

for @apricot12

  • #8768 feedback from the team needed: any conclusion on this side? Nihal prepared a document summing up different approaches on this for the team to review :muscle:
  • #7853 Rails 6.1 Deprecation warnings might be coming up
  • Pairing session with Steven - Open source maps (removing google)
  • Working on #9024 (Setup script broken)

for @Matt-Yorkley

  • Catching up :muscle:
  • Code review
  • Helping out @jibees on #8952
  • OICD stuff
  • unassigned from #8770 - now downgraded to S3

for @maikel

  • #9003 is not yet behind a feature toggle, but only activated only for dev and testing environments
  • all the code is new and does not change old code… merging! :muscle: :tada:
  • will continue to work on this :rocket:

OFN install

  • Hungarian instance signed the pledge; getting it on global pool: work estimate?
  • same question on with Costa Rica and Columbia
  • same with New Zealand
  • this is to be checked by @konrad and @Rachel


  • Konrad cannot test (Edit:) Fridays this Friday, so no rush.
    Release to be deployed this week by @jibees;
    Next week @Matt-Yorkley to prepare release on next monday 28.03, @konrad to test on that week.

  • Meeting schedule: time will change! What does it all mean? :exploding_head: :boom: Should we alternate time slots?! This did not really work that well, last time we tried…
    The main issue: it’s hard to keep Europe, Canada, India and Australia in the same time zone :earth_asia: :earth_africa: :earth_americas: on a work schedule… so for now we keep this meeting time and try to work on smaller groups.
    @maikel offered to regularly pair with George on their 2hr time overlap :heart:


Just to avoid misunderstandings: I cannot test this Friday. In general Friday is a good day for me to test.