Delivery Circle Meeting - 19th April


From @george

(do you have a handle here George?)

From @maikel

  • API feature toggle PR completed
  • Reviews
  • Active Storage - some finishing then sharing with George to pair on the end. Release in 2 stages: 1) Migrate current files from paperclip to active storage. This would mean files will be done while migration happens. Solution to have both ActiveStorage + Paperclip available at the same time to first migrate file, then switch to ActiveStorage.

From @apricot12

  • #9047 Initially working on controllers, but now looking at views.

From @jibees

  • Waiting for comments from Matt on BackofficeUI uplift.
  • Blocked on 9057
  • Small PR on customerID in the order endpoint
  • Data Migration for 8959 - JB will explore what’s easier out of DB constraints or putting a fake phone number in for users.

From @filipefurtado

  • Some challenges on specific issues with semaphore.
  • Working on Analytics

From @Rachel

  • Analytics on Split Checkout.
  • Currently on for 10 users in FR
  • Reports PR (9032) to go into test ready, thought @filipefurtado raised concerns about the lack of unit tests. Review question outstanding about the test coverage on this PR.


  • What should be tested in the test ready column? The goal is to reduce all manual testing. However currently we have a higher tester to dev ratio so potentially better to keep on testing right now. Focus more on breaking things than anything else (that’s the point of manual testing).


In Play

  • Split checkout (user testing)
  • DFC auth (review)
  • Tax Report (paused)
  • Active storage migration
  • Reports Refactor (moving to test)
  • Backoffice uplift

Up Next

  • Product Endpoint
  • Linking OC/Payment methods
  • Styleguide framework

@lin_d_hop we can remove customer endpoint from in play right? :muscle:

I thought we were prioritising adding Cust_id to orders endpoint under that piece?
Happy to remove if we’re just treating that separately