Crowd-funding features

As part of our business model development, we are moving towards being able to articulate and estimate feature sets and then see who’s willing to contribute to them. This could be used to organise contributions both at a national instance level (e.g. things that we know Australian users want) but also internationally.

Just because it’s come up a couple of times in the last few days, and there are some key features that we know lots of people want (e.g. standing / repeating orders), I had a quick look around for whether there’s something we could get happening fairly easily alongside discourse e.g. we have a fairly well-specced wishlist page linked to a crowd-fund project.

Think is a good idea to find open source rails option as we can then leverage existing development capacity and community if we want to tweak it (e.g. to internal currency or something). Delighted to find that there are a couple of promising options

OK, just keeping track of potentially relevant links, let me know what you think