Contacts summary


A short table of key contacts for OFN installations. Please correct or add anything you can!







South Africa

Spain / Katalunya



For formal email contacts, social media etc see more detail at


@tschumilas are you OK to be the organisation contact for Canada? Who should be tech?


I did the initial setup of the Canada server. Put me in as tech until someone else takes over.


Yes, I’m good to be the organization contact - - and thanks so much Maikel for being the tech contact until I find someone. On that front - I’m hoping to interest someone by doing some outreach to a local ruby-on-rails meetup group that I’ve found. Our plan here is to recruit a volunteer group to ‘demonstrate’ OFN by setting up a volunteer-run food hub over the summer. So I hope to find some local developers and other tech-savy folks to work with me on that project. Thanks.


I’ve added @MyriamBoure to France and put myself in brackets, as I’m not really active at the moment. I also added @nickwhite to the tech team - I hope he’s OK with that! :slight_smile:


Is this the best list for me to use to make sure all the ‘instance reps’ are included in the OFN Partners group? I think there are a few missing and I will sort that out tomorrow (have to go now)

Any suggested changes / updates to suggested contacts above please make here and I’ll update the list @MyriamBoure @nick @CynthiaReynolds @tschumilas @eric etc!


France tech needs updating. Spain needs adding @enricostn Benelux needs adding @iris Otherwise looks good to me


I updated France and South Africa (took out Lawrence and added @ofnsa), I added @tim.honchel for USA. I don’t know about Italy actually, where are you at @fraschelo ? Do you still have an active community ? Do you stay as local contact ?


ok I’ve made some changes, including adding @woakes070048 to USA following discussions the other night