Bulk import or summary and transfer of orders (hub to hub)

Ability to import orders from csv, enabling:

  • determined and change resistant customers to continue ordering via spreadsheets
  • management of OFN alongside other systems
  • buying groups or others to just export report (e.g. supplier totals) for import to another hub

Internal transfer

  • I think we have most of the infrastructure in place for this already
  • IF we just allowed for alternative timing of open/close for the BGs all in the same OC (prevent BG set close date after coord close date), then
    • the OC can be used as filter and existing reports deal with this e.g. OC Supplier by Distributor automatically summarises the customer orders.
  • If FC is not manager but has permission to P-OC BGs, then won’t see the orders, but can still pull the reports [check] … so
    • potentially BG’s do NOT actually need to transfer their orders at all. Missing bit would be that FC can access info via reports for pack sheets etc but would not actually have an ‘order’ against the BG, so Xero reports etc would not work for generating invoices.
    • Also need to make FC reports only read prices to FC level, not include BG mark-ups, shipping etc.
    • But work @oeoeaio has done for Enterprise Accounts suggests that generating orders from admin is quite doable, so function to create a ‘summary’ order from a report may not be that hard (could be done either by BG or FC) . . in which case this is all actually pretty close