Alphabetical ordering of the Bulk Edit Products function


What is the need / problem:

The BEP currently displays products in a non-alphabetical order. Users have requested that they can sort alphabetically so that when they are updating stock/prices from a written alphabetical list they can just run down the products in BEP in the same order.

In 2 words: Faster Stock Updates

Who does it impact and what is the impact


What is the benefit in focusing on this

Mangers and enterprise users

Potential solutions that will solve this problem

Ability to sort the BEP alphabetically - ideal if this was default


yes we also had a request from CCC @Rachel about it, it’s probably a pretty small thing, I’ll try to add a vote on it soon to ensure balance between big and small things in the pipe, I’ve bookmarked it to remind me that’s something I want to vote on. Sharing that to share how we can organize our voting strategies :wink: