About the Done category


When a feature is complete and has been released, it is marked ‘Done’

Well done! You’ve finished developing a feature!
Use the following key to work out where information about your new/improved feature should be captured. It makes the most sense if the developer who led this feature’s development takes responsibility for capturing this info.

1) Update the Feature Page(s) to capture this new/updated feature.
The feature list and feature pages , are the source of truth for how OFN features work. Make sure any features that have been developed are added to the feature list! This makes it easier for people to understand how a current feature works and is the basis for future developments.

  • Your Development - Done thread will probably contain a thorough description of how the feature works (build specs), so often these can be copied over and incorporated into the feature page relatively easily. The language used on a feature list page can be relatively techy… only the most tech savvy users will find and interact with it (and they can handle a little tech speak)

2) Update this feature’s wishlist
Did this feature originate from a wishlist? You can strike this wish off now that it’s become a reality! Did some elements of this feature not get developed? Put them back on the wishlist, so they can be developed one day.

3) Does this feature impact on the user experience?

Yes! It’s a cool new feature that users will love (i.e. the Shopfront Message)
• Blog post/newsletter
• User documentation - flag @sstead
Release notes (for users section)

Yes! It’s not that cool, but it will change the way users use the OFN (i.e.change to the order cycle interface).
• User documentation - flag @sstead
Release notes (for users section)

Yes! But it doesn’t need mentioning (i.e. faster page loading times)
Release notes (for users section)

No. It’s not related to users (i.e superadmin feature)
Release notes (for developers/superadmin/customers section)

4) Close this ‘Done’ topic.
This feature is done and dusted. Any future discussion on this topic should take place on the relevant wishlist.
The topic won’t be deleted, but no more editing/commenting will be allowed.