OFN participation in FOSDEM 2019 [Community] (6)
Mobile ready [6-In delivery] (1)
Sharing `secrets.yml` for ofn-install [Provisioning & Deployment] (9)
Community of practice: Finding others to share the load [Community] (8)
Prevent possibility of password fraud when super-admin creates a user account [1-Wishlist] (1)
Cart should save on log-out [1-Wishlist] (1)
Hubs can offer more precise filtering options for products [1-Wishlist] (1)
Customers know clearly when their order is made [1-Wishlist] (1)
Improve product images display in shop [1-Wishlist] (1)
Enterprises in the same address get overlapped in map [1-Wishlist] (1)
Standing orders / subscriptions [6-In delivery] (1)
Mobile Strategy Pt 1: Big Wins - Progress Now? [(Archived)] (12)
Customer can have a Standing / Repeating order [(Archived)] (20)
Standing / Repeating Orders ( 2 ) [(Archived)] (21)
Customer Mobile Experience [(Archived)] (17)
Hubs manages without friction shipping and payment methods and can grant permissions on them [1-Wishlist] (5)
Enable different fees to be charged based on tag used [(Archived)] (14)
WIKI - ordered delivery backlog (pipe-ready and in delivery) [Software impovement] (1)
Make invoicing operations smooth and easy for hub managers and customers [(Archived)] (9)
Automatically generate invoice and attach it to order in customer account / send it via email [1-Wishlist] (1)
Multiple order management index (angularised) [(Archived)] (8)
Send invoices by email in bulk [1-Wishlist] (1)
Possibility to print several orders in one shoot [(Archived)] (6)
Ensure correct translations are maintained and comprehensive [7-Done] (9)
Enable products dispatch per distribution location [1-Wishlist] (1)
Hub manager is aware of the impact of the modification he makes in his products catalogues on active order cycles [1-Wishlist] (1)
Enable product chain tracking & hub's variants creation [2-Discovery] (1)
Hubs can easily navigate back office and manage their shopfront [1-Wishlist] (1)
Upload and display product quality certificates [1-Wishlist] (1)
Enable product search on the whole product name [1-Wishlist] (1)