Orders and fulfillment reports display price currency [1-Voting Candidates] (3)
Shopfront and Cart page fixes (user reported) [(Archived)] (4)
Improve 'Shop Closed' page to provide useful information to potential shoppers [0- Wishlist (curation)] (7)
Community of practice for communications: Sharing tools we use to make comms easier! [Community] (6)
Data Food Consortium: making food platforms interoperable [International] (17)
OFN Germany ( 2 3 4 ) [Using OFN] (66)
[WIP] Revamping OFN as Enterprise Search & Directory [0- Wishlist (curation)] (5)
Repository of images available for use in shops [0- Wishlist (curation)] (2)
Enable producer 'tools' in OFN [Software improvement] (4)
Subscriptions improvements ( 2 ) [0- Wishlist (curation)] (21)
Enterprises can create and apply custom 'tags' to products and variants [Software improvement] (13)
[FEAT] Email confirmation [5-Done] (1)
OFN v2 - Account Invoices [Spree Upgrade] (9)
Display software version [1-Voting Candidates] (11)
Add translations inheritance/fallback mechanism [0- Wishlist (curation)] (2)
May 2019 Global Gathering topic - Review & Refresh the OFN Platform key focus areas [Community] (4)
Global website overhaul ( 2 3 ) [Community] (47)
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OFN Portugal instance [Provisioning & Deployment] (11)
As EU, how can I adjust prices after an order has been placed? [0- Wishlist (curation)] (1)
Shops can require a minimum spend before customers can checkout [2-Inception] (6)
OFN participation in FOSDEM 2019 [Community] (13)
Standing orders / subscriptions [4-In delivery] (2)
[FEAT] Subscriptions (standing orders) [4-In delivery] (1)
[FEAT] Spree Upgrade [4-In delivery] (1)
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Enterprise can create a Series of recurring Order Cycles [(Archived)] (1)
Document our API [4-In delivery] (13)
An 'enterprise guide' for the UK [Using OFN] (1)
Mobile ready [3-Pipe-ready] (1)