Software impovement   1-Voting Candidates

Seed data [development] [provisioning] [deployment] (13)
Allow other tools to rely on OFN for user registration (11)
Need to allocate limited stock fairly among customers - limited qty per customer (3)
An enterprise can give a product multiple prices given customer category (14)
Product images can be uploaded with 'drag and drop' (5)
Users and admins can delete accounts / entreprises / customers / order cycles / groups (6)
Multilingual instances enable users of a single language to see all info in their own language (7)
"Dummy orders" identification (2)
Hubs managers can choose the adapted weight and measure units for their shops given their own local situation ( 2 ) (23)
Clearly communicate about which browser we support (5)
Improve reports performance to ensure all users can generate reports for max 1 year data (4)
Display software version (9)
Enable accurate sales data export for integration to external accounting systems (2)
Hubs can communicate easily and through appropriate messages with their potential or existing customers (2)
Enable hubs to use record retail (onsite) sales alongside with their OFN online sales [POS] (5)
Switching from Google to Open Street Map for address base (4)
Making OFN an open directory for all the local/sustainable food ecosystem (16)
Hub's suppliers can prepare the invidual orders for the hub's customers (20)
Shops can require a minimum spend before customers can checkout (2)
Automatically notify producers (6)
Bulk Import of Product / Inventory ( 2 ) (29)
Collective Purchases by foodcoops (3)
Bulk and group buying - wishlist ( 2 ) (30)
Notify customers/members in an OC (7)
Order consolidation and split sheets (12)
Backend/Admin layout overhaul (11)
How to use multiple currencies for my local OFN? (13)