Software impovement   1-Wishlist

About the 1-Wishlist category (1)
Limit the available order cycles to select from for tagged shoppers (1)
Alphabetical ordering of the Bulk Edit Products function (1)
Trace order amendments through invoice lines and generate legally compliant invoices (10)
WIP : Improve OFN Map / directory (12)
UX - Make Map Icons Make Sense (6)
Enable to identify customer on orders view (12)
Improve management of multiple ordering process in a given open OC (11)
Product / Variant Management - wishlist (16)
Have a Maintenance Mode (10)
Document our API (11)
Prevent possibility of password fraud when super-admin creates a user account (1)
Cart should save on log-out (1)
Hubs can offer more precise filtering options for products (1)
Customers know clearly when their order is made (1)
Improve product images display in shop (1)
Enterprises in the same address get overlapped in map (1)
Hubs manages without friction shipping and payment methods and can grant permissions on them (5)
Automatically generate invoice and attach it to order in customer account / send it via email (1)
Send invoices by email in bulk (1)
Enable products dispatch per distribution location (1)
Hub manager is aware of the impact of the modification he makes in his products catalogues on active order cycles (1)
Hubs can easily navigate back office and manage their shopfront (1)
Upload and display product quality certificates (1)
Enable product search on the whole product name (1)
Hubs can understand how their customers use OFN to adapt accordingly (1)
Improve Producer visibility on OFN (1)
Users have the appropriate permissions given their role and all those who can be created automatically are (1)
Enable efficient shop browsing and searching (sub-cats?) (1)
Ensure software and components we depend on are maintained (1)