Software impovement   1-Voting Candidates

About the 1-Voting Candidates category (1)
Enable better product transparency by allowing hypelinks in product description field (5)
An enterprise can give a product multiple prices given customer category (16)
Alphabetical ordering of products/variants in the Bulk Edit Products / Order Cycle / New Order pages (6)
Provide a more flexible reporting functionality with rich data access (19)
Offer a promotion when a min nb of units of a given product is added to cart (8)
Trace order amendments through invoice lines and generate legally compliant invoices (16)
Seed data [development] [provisioning] [deployment] (17)
UX - Make Map Icons Make Sense ( 2 ) (23)
Improve management of multiple ordering process in a given open OC (12)
WIP : Improve OFN Map / directory (16)
Hubs can ask their customers to validate their own terms and conditions (3)
Integrate the cheapest EU payment gateway for big hubs : Paybox Direct Plus (2)
Hub manager is aware of the impact of the modification she makes in her products catalogues on active order cycles (1)
Enterprises in the same address get overlapped in map (2)
Enable customers to pay (partially or fully) with their credits (16)
Enable customers to easily credit their account for a given hub (1)
Hub can easily generate accurate packing slips ( 2 3 ) (47)
Enable quick capture of payments for a batch of orders (6)
Standing orders impovement: enable hub manager to search customer by name (and not only email) (1)
Enable to identify customer on orders view (12)
Have a Maintenance Mode (10)
Document our API (11)
Prevent possibility of password fraud when super-admin creates a user account (1)
Cart should save on log-out (1)
Customers know clearly when their order is made (1)
Improve product images display in shop (1)
Hubs manages without friction shipping and payment methods and can grant permissions on them (5)
Automatically generate invoice and attach it to order in customer account / send it via email (1)
Send invoices by email in bulk (1)