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3-Pipe-ready The feature has been incepted, the story map is ready, the mockups are there, the community has reached to a consent on how it’s going to be done. Then an epic is created on Github (with all the stories attached) and put into the “feature backlog” in ZenHub, and the post is moved in Discourse to that “pipe-ready” category. It is ready to be put into the delivery pipe by the product curation team. 1-Voting Candidates Here are all the ideas, things we want to change, make better, new features we want to develop, sharing problems our users encounter, etc. AFTER we checked they are small enough and clear enough to vote on and prioritize. We want to make sure we understand what we prioritize. If they are not they should go back to “wishlist (curation)” section. 4-In delivery The feature has been put into the delivery pipeline by the curation team, devs are working on it RIGHT NOW ! 5-Done The feature has been released, let’s celebrate !<br> If it’s not fully satisfying the need, you can open a new proposal to go further (Archived) 0- Wishlist (curation) 2-Inception The most voted feature are then properly incepted, which means there is a product owner and a tech owner assigned to the feature, they do the story map and mockups, so the feature is ready to be put into github with all the stories attached.
About the Software improvement category [Software improvement] (1)
WIKI - ordered delivery backlog (pipe-ready and in delivery) [Software improvement] (4)

This is the single source of truth for the priority list of features ready to be put in the pipe AND already in the pipe. The idea is to reorder in real time things that are in the pipe. We might have started something, …

Seed data [development] [provisioning] [deployment] [4-In delivery] (18)
Enable customers to pay (partially or fully) with their credits ( 2 ) [2-Inception] (29)
Bulk invoice printing [5-Done] (13)
Focusing in for the first half of 2019 - a proposal for the global community ( 2 ) [Software improvement] (21)
Add supplier name into default invoice template ( 2 ) [5-Done] (28)
Backend/Admin layout overhaul ( 2 ) [1-Voting Candidates] (28)
Notify Producers email to include customer details [0- Wishlist (curation)] (14)
Alphabetical ordering of products/variants in the Bulk Edit Products / Order Cycle / New Order pages [1-Voting Candidates] (9)
Hub can easily generate accurate packing slips ( 2 3 ) [1-Voting Candidates] (48)
A first iteration on product chain logic enabling full transparency [0- Wishlist (curation)] (6)
Orders and fulfillment reports display price currency [1-Voting Candidates] (3)
Shopfront and Cart page fixes (user reported) [(Archived)] (4)
Improve 'Shop Closed' page to provide useful information to potential shoppers [0- Wishlist (curation)] (7)
[WIP] Revamping OFN as Enterprise Search & Directory [0- Wishlist (curation)] (5)
Repository of images available for use in shops [0- Wishlist (curation)] (2)
Enable producer 'tools' in OFN [Software improvement] (4)
Subscriptions improvements ( 2 ) [0- Wishlist (curation)] (21)
Enterprises can create and apply custom 'tags' to products and variants [Software improvement] (13)
[FEAT] Email confirmation [5-Done] (1)
Display software version [1-Voting Candidates] (11)
Add translations inheritance/fallback mechanism [0- Wishlist (curation)] (2)
CSA features : understanding how CSA work and the gap with current standing orders feature [Software improvement] (9)
As EU, how can I adjust prices after an order has been placed? [0- Wishlist (curation)] (1)
Shops can require a minimum spend before customers can checkout [2-Inception] (6)
Standing orders / subscriptions [4-In delivery] (2)
[FEAT] Subscriptions (standing orders) [4-In delivery] (1)
[FEAT] Spree Upgrade [4-In delivery] (1)
Shop preferences - wishlist [Software improvement] (1)