Product Development

Backlog When an Icebox Item (<a class="hashtag" href="/c/product-dev/icebox/55">#<span>product-dev:icebox</span></a>) has been selected as a priority it is added here in the Product Development Backlog. From here, these items are brainstormed to determine potential Feature Candidates and to choose which of these will go into the <a href="">Product Feature Backlog</a> in GitHub. Process Done When a feature is complete and has been released, it is marked 'Done' Spree Upgrade Doing A development topic can be marked as 'Doing' when a developer(s) is actively working on developing it. Testing When a feature has been developed and is ready to be tested it transitions to 'Testing'. A description of the intendended functionality should be included, for testers to test against. Test notes are then added. Sys Admin
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